Volunteering at Inner city Mission

We would love to have you and your group come and be a part of our ministry through one of our volunteer opportunities. Your participation enriches the environment of Inner City Mission, breathing love and joy into the lives of our residents and staff.  Volunteering is an amazing way to come and share life together with those who call Inner City Mission their home.


Sharing a meal with the residents of ICM and getting to know them provides a special opportunity for our residents to feel the love of Christ. They get to experience His love from a variety of people who see them not as an object to be used, but as a person, a beautiful creation of God.


    Prepare for 30 ICM residents, plus the number in your group if you wish to partake in the meal. Often less than 30 residents are present, but this ensures enough food is available on any given night. Leftovers can be used by residents throughout the week.


    Dinners usually consist of a meat or main course, vegetable, and fruit, or dessert. At 5:30 PM, the ICM staff member or a member of your group (if you desire) will pray for the meal. A Bible verse, introduction, or small devotional moment can be shared if desired. Feel free to ask if any resident would like to pray.


    • Do not worry about allergies or ingredient specifications. Residents with dietary restrictions are responsible for their own meal prep.
    • Water is always available for residents, but you can bring drinks if you desire. (Kool-Aid, Tea, Lemonade, Soda, etc.)
    • A full kitchen with a commercial range, pots and pans, silverware, utensils, plates, and napkins are available. Feel free to bring paper products (bowls, plates, etc.) if you desire.
    • Please check in with our ICM staff member when you arrive on campus. That individual will assist with anything you need while at ICM.


Volunteering that encompasses events, outings, and experiences where your group spends intentional time with residents at ICM or off the premises is highly encouraged. Exposure to loving relational dynamics is vital for the transformation our residents need to find lasting stability in their lives. 



    Trips to area parks, bowling, skating, trampoline park, bounce tag, movie theatre, partner events, sledding, etc.


    Movie night, board game night, arts and crafts, yard games, etc.


    *Your imagination is virtually the only limitation. Creative and simple activities are wonderful because they generate a fun environment where relationships can be developed. Activities for all ages are encouraged.

Service trip

A wonderful way to partner with ICM is by arranging an individual or group service trip. These trips greatly bless ICM because they allow us to tackle necessary projects that we do not have the manpower to accomplish regularly. They also allow our residents to see the love of Christ on display. These trips range from a couple of hours to multiple days depending on ICM needs and group preference.


    Whether it is just a couple hours or a full work day, day trips are a great way to come and be a part of the ministry at ICM. These trips often focus on small work projects, but can also include resident meals and/or activities if you would like.


    • Helping a resident move out of the shelter
    • Yard projects that maintain ICM grounds
    • Painting/Staining (indoors and out)
    • Organizing pantry, paper shed, deep freezer, and garages
    • Deep cleaning and sanitizing ICM buildings
    • Facelifting shelter spaces
    • Assembling/disassembling furniture


    Weekend trips can be set up for groups looking for a multi-day partnership opportunity. These trips focus on service, fellowship, and worshiping God, allowing our residents to witness the love of Christ being poured out in simple and tangible ways.  


    This multi-day format allows group members to partake in the day-to-day realities of a homeless shelter, spending time with ICM residents and staff, and truly becoming a part of the ICM family. It is amazing to see how God weaves our stories together, magnifying the beauty of His love and truth amidst great joy and sorrow.


    A normal weekend trip begins by arriving Friday night at 7:00 PM and leaving Sunday morning, but dates and duration of trips are flexible. Groups have come on Saturday morning and left Saturday night; some choose to attend local church services with residents before departure. We try to include a work project, fellowship meals, and resident activity in every weekend trip.

    ICM is very amenable to working with your schedule. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a potential trip. We would love to have you come and be a part of the story at ICM. It is always amazing to see how God brings His people together.


    Occasionally ICM has projects or emergencies that require skilled trade volunteers. Having the ability to reach out and call upon these volunteers’ experience is an immense blessing to our ministry because we do not have the expertise to address them ourselves.


    If you or someone you are connected to possess skilled trade experience and are willing to be put on a list for potential partnership, please reach out to us.


    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
    • Carpentry
    • HVAC
    • Mechanic
    • Roofing
    • Concrete/Masonry
    • Construction
    • Locksmithing
    • Landscaping

Join the story

Your support provides children, their parents, and single adults with a home where they can experience the love, joy, and peace that Jesus offers. Every person who comes through our doors has a story and it is your support that provides an environment where healing can take place and lasting stability can be found.

Inner City Mission is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. All charitable giving is tax-deductible.