Who We Are

We are a ministry devoted to understanding the root causes of homelessness, engaging its presence in our own community, equipping the Body of Christ to be a leader in its restorative process, and sharing with the public the wisdom we have found.

what we do

We seek to love every person who comes through our doors by creating an environment where stability in Christ can be found. We define love as giving what is needed to bring about lasting joy and peace while maintaining a holistic perspective.

how TO help

Prayer, volunteering, physical donations, and financial support are all ways you can partner with us to provide a home, a place of love and stability, to those searching for hope. As the Body of Christ, we believe each person plays a unique role in being the hands and feet of Jesus.


why we serve

We believe Jesus has commissioned the Body of Believers to be ambassadors of His love to those who are weary and burdened by this world. Shelter, clothing, and food are important and necessary, but it is peace found in Jesus that truly transforms a person's life.


Is to help the homeless find their way home by giving what is needed to bring about lasting joy, peace, and stability.

Shelter, sustenance, clothing, teaching, and Christian mentorship are all elements of the stable environment we provide to children, their parents, and single adults in order to expand joy and peace in each person’s heart, family, friendships, and community.

For every person shattered by homelessness to find Shalom with God, themselves, and others.

The ancient Hebrew meaning of Shalom was to make something whole. Shalom is a multidimensional state of complete well-being: physical, psychological, social, and spiritual. It flows from a person’s relationship with God, self, and others being made right.

RE-examining homelessness

The term "homelessness" historically has been used to describe all outcomes that take place when human habitation is fractured. People without housing, for any reason, are "homeless." After 30 years of ministering to homeless families and individuals, we have discovered that homelessness is just one of three main realities arising when human habitation is fractured. If we ever hope to heal the brokenness of these fractured states, we must first pursue a deep understanding of the causes and types of each and the responses they require.

Join the story

Join us in providing a home to children, their parents, and single adults in desperate need of hope found in the arms of Christ. Your support provides a place of love where those experiencing homelessness can shed the pain and chaos of their lives and come to find the joy, peace, and stability that Jesus offers.

Inner City Mission is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. All charitable giving is tax deductible.