Financial Donations

Inner City Mission is fully funded through churches, businesses, and individuals who long to see holistic transformation in the lives of those experiencing homelessness. Your financial support provides a home where our staff and volunteers come alongside those in desperate need of hope to share the transformative love our Heavenly Father offers. 


Please make checks payable to:

Inner City Mission

PO Box 8148

Springfield, IL 62791


Please click the donate button above to set up a recurring donation or to give a one-time gift to Inner City Mission.

Physical Donations

We have between 25-50 individuals living at ICM every day. With this many people calling ICM their home, we are constantly restocking basic supplies necessary for people to maintain a healthy living situation — food, personal care items, toiletries, cleaning supplies, linens, kitchen supplies, soaps, and household goods.


We accept food, clothing, household items, and shelter supplies. Unfortunately, we cannot accept TVs, furniture, appliances, or mattresses due to space restrictions.


Monday - Saturday          8 AM - 7 PM

Sunday                                1 PM - 7 PM

*hours are flexible, so please call 217-525-3940 if you have any questions or concerns.


    • Trash bags (39 gallons)
    • Paper goods (toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, etc.)
    • Cleaning supplies (floor, window, kitchen, all-purpose, etc.)
    • Toiletries (soaps, deodorant, razors, shaving cream, etc.)

    • Meat (hamburger, chicken, turkey, deli, etc.)
    • Dairy (milk, cheese, butter, etc.)
    • Wheats (bread, bagels, etc.)

    • Infant & children's clothing (diapers/underwear, seasonal, socks, shoes, etc.)
    • Women's clothing (undergarments, seasonal, socks, shoes, etc.)
    • Men’s clothing (undergarments, seasonal, socks, shoes, etc.)