Three levels, seven steps

Understanding the causes and types of homelessness--as well as the approaches needd--allows us to develop a progressive sheltering system that can make a difference in the lives of the homeless.

The heart of this system is the recovery program, Stability for Life, which helps persons discover who they are in relationship to God, to others, and to self while guiding toward stability so they can function in society as positive, productive members.

Stability for Life is divided into 3 stages, 7 steps and 500 expectations which allow each person to progress toward stability at his/her own rate. A holistic approach focusing on 7 critical areas of life--spirituality, relationships, self-concept, health, work/education, addictions, and finances--provides the best opportunity for long-term change.

The illustration below identifies the 3 stages and 7 steps, and the desired outcomes for each.