Nine Strategies

Inner City Mission works for the mental and spiritual transformation of the heart, mind and soul of those who find themselves homeless, giving them the needed tools to obtain and maintain permanent housing as well as to be able to find stability in every aspect of their lives.

To be able to accomplish our purpose and our mission statement, ICM has established nine different strategies which we feel are vital for transformation. 

STRATEGY #1: Seek God's direction and insight for ICM

STRATEGY #2: Maintain a Christian perspective in all the operations of ICM

STRATEGY #3: Understand the root cause of homelessness

STRATEGY #4: Provide housing and other physical needs for the homeless

STRATEGY #5: Present biblical truths about God’s design for a stable lifestyle through Christian counseling

STRATEGY #6: Teach godly righteousness through guidance and educational programs that address issues common to homelessness

STRATEGY #7: Work to eliminate factors that contribute to homelessness while educating the public on the deteriorating effects of living outside biblical truths

STRATEGY #8: Encourage fellow Christians to confront the root causes of homelessness through the exchange of resources and partnerships with ICM

STRATEGY #9: Foster a spirit of thanksgiving for the blessings God has provided through the support of His people who make the work of ICM possible.


Blast from the Past: Several years ago, our team produced a series of music videos based on the nine strategies and featuring the music of the Jeff Higginson Band. These can be viewed HERE.