As is true in most homes, mealtime is often a great opportunity for fellowship!  Sharing a meal with the residents of ICM and getting to know them goes a long way toward helping them feel the love of Christ.  We have groups of all types and sizes who contribute to our ministry by preparing  a meal for our residents, and there are many different options for doing so.  

You can bring a meal and drop it off, or, better yet, come and serve our residents and eat with them.  If you come and serve, you can either prepare a meal and bring it, or come and prepare the meal on our campus.  We have a kitchen that provides all basic kitchen necessities for both preparing a meal and serving it. 

Serving Dinner

Dinner is typically served at 5:30pm. This is somewhat flexible, except for Tuesdays and Thursdays because resident classes follow.

Prepare for 35 people on our end,  plus the number of people  in your group who will be eating. 

Understand that we often have less than 35 residents to serve on any given night due to varying conflicts residents may have. We still ask you to plan for the upper end so there is no worry of running out of food in the event everyone shows up. Believe us, leftovers aren't a problem!

Dinners generally consist of a meat, a vegetable, and a fruit or sweet desert. 

Dinners begin with a member of the staff--or a member of your group--praying for the meal.  You can read a Bible verse or say a few comments prior to praying if you choose. You can also have a resident child pray if you choose to do so.


Serving Lunch

Lunch is usually at 12:00 noon, but this is flexible.

Prepare for 25 people.  We may have as few as 5 people in the house, or as many as 25, we never know.  Residents often times are at work or eating off campus during the day. 

Lunches are usually simple (sandwiches, tacos, etc.)

Serving Breakfast

Breakfast usually takes place about 8:30 a.m., but this is very flexible. Again, prepare for 25 people. but there may be fewer,

General Information about Serving a Meal

Do not worry about allergies. The residents are always instructed to take care of their own and their children's allergy issues if any pertain. 

Residents are fine with drinking water, however feel free to bring drinks for everyone (Kool-Aid, tea, lemonade, etc.)

We have a full kitchen. In it, you will be able to utilize our commercial range, pots/pans, silverware, serving utensils, plates and napkins. 

Please check in with our staff member whenever you arrive.  We have a staff member on site 24/7.  The staff member will make sure you find what you need. They are there to monitor the residents (it is rare that we have a problem).

Should you have any questions or problems during your visit, there is always a staff-member available.