resident services

We strive to lead the homeless  to stability in life and a relationship with God. This involves much more than supplying shelter and food. By mobilizing the body of Christ (our staff,  volunteers, and supporters) we provide an environment that encourages mental and spiritual transformation in the lives of the homeless,

  • safe housing

    Providing a safe place to live is the primary function of ICM. Comments like, "It's nice to wake up and not be afraid," are often heard at the mission. ICM has 16 keyed rooms available to house the homeless while they work to find stability.

  • Needs evaluation

    Determining individual strengths and problem areas, and evaluating the resident's willingness to work on areas of concern, allows a plan of action to be developed unique to each resident. Corrective action is recommended and each resident's willingness to overcome the cause of homelessness will determine his/her length of stay and the amount of services given.

  • direction

    Residents receive guidance ain finances, food preparation, organization, attitudes, daily chores, personal awareness, childcare, work issues, cleanliness, morality, values and any other issue or topic that needs to be addressed.

  • spiritual guidance

    Residents are presented with the truths of scripture and encouraged to bring spiritual concerns to the staff. ICM offers different Bible-based studies as well as mid-week classes and special weekend services. Scripture is read and prayers of thankgiving are offered before supper each evening. Spiritual counseling is available any time. 

  • savings plan

    Initially, 75% of each resident's monthly income goes to pay outstanding debt, to secure childcare and to obtain transportation for work or school. Once these areas have been taken care of, 75% of each resident's income is put into savings for future housing needs. The remaining 25% remains with the resident.

  • Clothing and other items

    Thousands of articles of clothing, household items and furnishings are donated to ICM each year. Many resident needs beyond food and shelter are met by these donations.

  • work program

    Through our sister Ministry ReNew Ministries and in cooperation with other organizations, Inner City Mission provides work training to a limited number of residents, allowing them to work on social and work skills in a safe environment.

  • community awareness

    The issues of homelessness are presented to over 3000 teens each year at camps, VBS programs, and service retreats held at ICM. Homelessness issues and resident testimonies are also presented to churches, community groups and concerned citizens.