Brienna Higginson

Stability Coach

I have grown up in a Christian home my whole life but I didn't quite take my faith seriously until I was in high school. At that time God was just impacting me through my relationships with the people around me. Currently, I am a student at Lincoln Christian University majoring in Intercultural Studies with a minor in Spiritual Formation. LCU has not only been a great educational experience but has also helped me grow in my relationship with Christ. I know I am called to enter the mission's field in one or another but God has yet to reveal the details of that plan as of right now. 

One of my three part time jobs is working at Inner City Mission. My dad has worked there ever since I was little but I have recently started helping out at the mission myself. It is an amazing place and I always enjoy my time there. One of my favorite things about working at ICM is the opportunity to build relationships with the residents and other staff members. Another great thing that I experience at Inner City Mission is that I am always feeling challenged to be more like Jesus, which I truly enjoy.