Wm. Allen & Deleta Payne

Honarary Grandparents

Everyone knows me as Grandpa at the mission, but I’ve worn a few other hats over the decades. I’m a retiree of Caterpillar after 43 years—having started on the docks and worked my way up into management. I became an ordained minister when I was 53 years old and am happy to say that preaching God's word over these past 26+ years has been more than a hobby.   

My wife, Deletta—known as Grandma at the mission—is usually right by my side. Together, we’ve worked in several capacities for Inner City Mission over the past 15 years. We did a weekly shift as Stability Coaches for a few years, but now I work one day a week doing maintenance. I’ve often joked that burned-out light bulbs and clogged vacuums spell job security for me. Things break down, so I bring the weekly TLC to broken and worn-out items. Deletta and I also go to churches, camps and conferences as representatives of ICM when opportunities arise.

We’ve been happily married for 56 years and have raised four wonderful children. I thank God for the blessings He has bestowed upon us through our children, grandchildren, and yes, even our great-grandchildren.

Another great blessing is seeing God move and touch the residents at Inner City Mission. Our daily prayer is for the lost to find not just an earthly home, but a permanent home in Heaven when Jesus returns. Oh, what a Glorious Day that will be!