Service Retreat Weekend

Tom Fedrigon is senior pastor at the St. Elmo Christian Church. Tom has brought several groups to Inner City Mission for service retreats. “It benefits everyone involved,” Tom says. “Some work gets done around the shelter that needs done, some supplies get brought in that are needed. The residents get to meet people who really do care about them, or they wouldn’t be there. It’s a chance for them to see the love of Jesus in action.

“The kids at the Mission really eat it up. We’ve taken them to the park, things like that. They like the attention.” As far as the rewards of taking part in a service retreat, Fedrigon says, “I’ve never had a group member say anything except that they were blessed. Many times I’ve heard, ‘I thought I was going to help them, and they blessed me and helped me understand the plight of people.’

“It’s hard to describe these mission trips until you’ve had the experience,” Tom concludes, “but it is a blessing beyond measure.”

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